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Aguirre: Ban Anti-Spanish Barça-Bilbao

The cup final takes place in Madrid because, after last year’s Real Madrid win, Madrid wanted to celebrate a renewed “Spanish” victory in real Spain, that is Madrid. Real Madrid refused to lend their stadium because anti-Spanish Barça and Bilbao will play the final. Below: Madrid’s Fascists will demonstrate to provoke violence and suspend the final after the call by anti-Catalan and anti-Basque Esperanza Aguirre. The angry Spanish nationalist cannot even speak like God in Christian (Spanish), saying ensuing for insulting and sate for State.

The president of the Madrid region, Esperanza Aguirre of the PP has called for the Spanish nationalist government of the PP to ban the cup final between Barça and Athletic Bilbao in Madrid so that the whole world won’t see the massive whistling against the King and the Spanish flag and anthem like two years ago in Valencia. The elephant king doesn’t dare to turn up and Spanish nationalists say Prince Felipe should not go either. Madrid wants to hold the Olympics by imposing the torture and assassination of bulls and by banning football between Catalans and Basques.


Herrera (Onda Cero): “Your Madrid Region holds on Friday a football match which as usual in Spain is something more than a football game. I have one specific question about what you would do if at the stadium in Madrid on Friday events happen as nationalists have announced. The newspaper El Mundo suggested that the Prince quite simply should not go to the stadium. Others like us think the match should be cancelled or just ignore the events. Can you tell us what action you would take if you have to respond to what is expected to happen.”

Esperanza Aguirre: “Actualay I’ve been thinking of this for a long time. Since the former French President Sarkozy said that if the Marseillaise was ever whistled again the match would be cancelled, I am even more convinced because in our case insults to our anthem or flag or Head of State are crimes in the penal code. This cannot be tolerated and therefore my opinion is that the match should be stopped and then held behind closed doors somewhere else. Is this going to cause a big scandal? Maybe, but look it seems to me that these things really should not be accepted. In other things because this is the Championship of Spain and the President of the Republic gave the cup when there was a republic and Franco when there was Franco and now it is the Cup of His Majesty the King. It is really the cup of the Spanish Chamionship. If some part, because I’m sure it’s not all fans of Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona in Spain, and there are many who are not nationalists or separatists, much less anti-Spanish. Do you want to whistle? Well, let me tell you the match will not be held. That’s clear.”



Aguirre: Prohibir Barça-Bilbao per antiespanyol

Els madrilenys falangistes es manifestaran per provocar violència que suspengui la final, com demana l’anticatalana i antibasca Esperanza Aguirre. La colera espanyolista de Dios no sap ni parlar cristiano, dient ultrantes per ultrajantes i Estao per Estado. Primera foto: La final de copa se celebra a Madrid perquè l’any passat va guanyar el Real Madrid i els madrilenys volien celebrar una nova victòria “espanyola” a Espanya, és a dir Madrid. El Real Madrid s’ha negat a deixar el seu estadi perquè el Barça i el Bilbao antiespanyols jugaran la final.

La presidenta de Madrid Esperanza Aguirre del PP exigeix que el govern espanyolista del PP prohibeixi la final de copa entre Barça i Athletic Bilbao a Madrid perquè el món  no vegi la xiulada monumental al rei, la bandera i l’himne espanyols com passava fa dos anys a València. El rei elefant no s’atreveix a anar-hi i els espanyolistes demanen al Princep Felip que no hi vagi tampoc. Madrid pretén organitzar les olimpíades imposant la tortura i assassinat dels toros i prohibint el futbol entre catalans i bascos.


Herrera (Onda Cero): “Tiene Usted el viernes en su Comunidad un partido de futbol que, bueno, parece como siempre en España algo más que un partido de futbol. Quiero hacerle una pregunta concreta sobre lo que Usted haría en el caso de que en el estadio de Madrid el próximo viernes se produjera lo que los nacionalistas anuncian.  El diario El Mundo propone que el Príncipe no vaya simplemente al estadio. Hay otros que podemos pensar que lo que debería es suspenderse el partido o simplemente no hace el menor caso. Dígame Usted qué actitud tomaría si en su mano estuviera responder a lo que se prevé.”

Esperanza Aguirre: “Pues mire yo lo llevo pensando mucho tiempo. Desde que el anterior presidente de Francia Sarkozy dijo que cómo se silbe otra vez la Marsellesa se suspende el partido, yo tengo la convicción que los ultrantes en este caso al himno o a la bandera o al Jefe de Estao son delito en el código penal. No se debe consentir y por tanto mi opinión es que el partido se debe suspender y celebrarse luego a puerta cerrada en otro lugar. ¿Eso va a causar mucho follón? Puede, pero mire a mi me parece que francamente estas cosas no se deben consentir. En otras cosas porque éste es el Campeonato de España y esta copa la entregaba el presidente de la República cuando había república y Franco cuando estaba Franco y ahora es la copa de Su Majestad el Rey. Pero es la copa del campeonato de España. Si hay alguna parte, porque estoy segura que no es toda la afición del Athletic de Bilbao y del Barcelona en toda España, y hay muchos que no son nacionalistas ni mucho menos separatistas ni antiespañoles. ¿Quieren silbar? Pues mire Usted el partido no se va a celebrar. Así de claro.”



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  1. Good piece on nasty Aguirre.


    Comment by Peter | 23 May 2012 | Reply

  2. I was just told that megaphones with heavy metal wattage have been installed for tonight’s game to drown out any nationalist jeering of the hymn and royals. Ah where are Leni Reifensthal and Dr. Goebbels to do the You tube video for Esperanza?

    Note from the editor: Madrid is ridiculous. They seem to want Catalans and Basques to leave Spain. I cannot imagine the Swiss Germans, an even bigger part of Switzerland than the Spaniards, behaving like this about the French and Italian Swiss. Drown out their cup final in Bern? The president not daring to turn up? What a joke!


    Comment by Barry | 25 May 2012 | Reply

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