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Why Obama Has Lost to Romney

The media adore Obama: Newsweek’s gay saint May 2012. By the way Newsweek is closing down. Below: The media vilifies Romney: Newsweek called him a wimp too insecure to be president in July 2012.


The American election has followed a curious media narrative. First it was a done deal for Obama and when that did not prove true, Romney at best was even. The reality is that Obama has lost the election to Romney.


Obama put down his rival when they debated defence. Romney complained that the US Navy had fewer ships than 1917. A scornful Obama: “Fewer horses and bayonets too.” The US Navy, or someone working in any industry involving defence, would not have enjoyed this condescension. Obama has lost his heroic status because people now see beyond the simple, wonderful fact that a black man can be elected president. Martin Luther King had a dream about the time when his own children would be judged not “by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character”. In the case of Obama, it turns out that his character is that of a media-savvy professor of an Ivy League university –comfortable with irony, more than comfortable with the sound of his own voice, confident that he knows a great deal more than most of us. One of the striking features of such professors is their terms of employment. They have what is called tenure: no one can get them out. Obama believed that he, too, had tenure. The election, like those bogus selection processes for top public sector jobs when the winner has been pre-decided, was little more than a tiresome formality. When Romney attacked him, Obama looked shocked at the effrontery. In Europe, Obama’s ethnicity and posh seminar tone is just perfect. It satisfies mildly Left-wing consciences and fits in with cultural assumptions. The chief of these is that the excesses of the West, especially of America, are the biggest problem in the world. Obama’s “apology tour” remains, for the European elites, the best thing he has ever done. He is the anti-Americans’ American. Romney is a moderate Republican, who profoundly clashes culturally with Obama, and with the European media and political classes. Whenever Romney has made what the media call gaffes, all of them contain kernels of truth. Whether he is talking about the 47% of Americans who are suppliants of the state or about the threat from Russia, he is raising real problems. Romney is a Mormon, and Mormons often get a bad press. They feature, some as criminals, in Arthur Conan Doyle’s very first Sherlock Holmes story, A Study in Scarlet. But Conan Doyle also says about the great journey of Mormons seeking the promised land in Utah: “With a constancy almost unparalleled in history, every impediment which Nature could place in the way had all been overcome with Anglo-Saxon tenacity.” Even today, it is what makes America new in each generation. Obama does not believe in it –he does not even like it. Romney does. What the media see as a gaffe is in reality a challenge to the dominant orthodoxy. Margaret Thatcher made the gaffe of questioning the motives of the Soviet Union when everyone else was mad about détente. Ronald Reagan made those sorts of gaffes too. Then, as now, our entire economic system was in question. It was so serious that it put the West’s global predominance in question as well. The prize went to the candidate who raised the questions, and tried boldly to answer them, not to the one who tried to suppress them.

(“It is Mitt Romney’s ‘gaffes’ that should win him the election. The Republican best represents his country’s ability to renew itself for each generation,” by Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph, 2 November 2012)


Per què Obama ha perdut amb Romney

Els mitjans menystenen Romney: Newsweek l’anomenava cagadubtes massa insegur per a ser president el juliol 2012. Primera foto: Els mitjans adoren Obama: El sant gai de Newsweek el maig 2012. Per cert Newsweek plega.


Les eleccions americanes han seguit una curiosa narrativa dels mitjans. Primer que to estava tancat i beneit per Obama i quan s’ha vist que així no era cert, que Romney amb prou feines empatava. La realitat és que Obama ha perdut l’elecció amb Romney.


Obama va menystenir el seu rival en el debat sobre defensa. Quan Romney criticava que la US Navy tenia menys vaixells que el 1917, Obama amb desdeny afegia: “També menys cavalls i baionetes.” La US Navy o qui treballi en una indústria relacionada amb defensa no haurà gaudit d’aquesta condescendència. Obama ha perdut el seu aire heroic perquè tothom veu més enllà del mer fet meravellós que un negre pot ser elegit president. Martin Luther King somniava que arribaria un dia que els seus fills no serien jutjats “pel color de la seva pell, sinó pel contingut del seu caràcter.” En el cas del president Obama resulta que el seu caràcter és d’un professor d’una universitat d’elit que sap usar els mitjans, que li agrada la ironia, que li agrada molt el so de la seva veu i que està convençut que sap bastant més que la majoria de nosaltres. Un dels fets xocants d’aquests professors són els seus contractes -guanyen oposicions- és a dir no poden ser acomiadats. Obama creia que ell també havia guanyat unes oposicions. Les eleccions, com aquells processos amanyagats de concursos públics on el guanyador ja ha estat preseleccionat, era un pesat formalisme. Quan Romney l’atacava, Obama mirava escandalitzat de la seva pocavergonya. Per Europa, l’etnicitat i el to de seminari selecte d’Obama són simplement perfectes. Satisfà les consciències d’esquerra light i forma part dels prejudicis culturals. El principal d’ells és que els excessos occidentals, especialment d’Amèrica, són el problema principal del món. El “viatge de disculpa” d’Obama segueix sent per a les elits europees la millor cosa que mai ha fet. Ell és l’americà dels antiamericans. Romney és un republicà moderat que xoca a fons culturalment amb Obama, i amb la classe política i mitjans europeus. Quan Romney fa el que els mitjans consideren relliscades, totes tenen un rerafons real. Quan parla del 47% d’americans que depenen de l’estat o de l’amenaça russa, està plantejant problemes reals. Romney és mormó i els mormons sovint són mal vistos. Fins i tot els retrata com criminals Arthur Conan Doyle en la seva primera història de Sherlock Holmes, Un estudi en escarlata. Però Conan Doyle també diu sobre el gran viatge dels mormons en busca de la terra promesa d’Utah: “Amb una constància pràcticament incomparable en la història, superaren tots els obstacles que la natura havia posat en el seu camí amb una tenacitat anglosaxona.” També avui en dia aquesta és el que fa que Amèrica es renovi cada generació. Obama no hi creu i tampoc li agrada. Romney sí. El que els mitjans veuen com una relliscada és en realitat un repte a l’ortodòxia dominant. Margaret Thatcher va fer la relliscada de questionar els motius de la Unió Soviètica quan tothom estava obsessionat amb la détente. Ronald Reagan també feia aquesta mena de relliscades. En aquells moments, com ara, tot el nostre sistema econòmic era posat en dubte. Era tan greu que també posava en dubte el predomini global occidental. El premi fou per al candidat que plantejava les preguntes, i que intentava contestar-les amb valentia, no per als que volien suprimir-les.

(“It is Mitt Romney’s ‘gaffes’ that should win him the election. The Republican best represents his country’s ability to renew itself for each generation,” per Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph, 2 novembre 2012)


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  1. Here’s my idea how to reform our Healthcare System. Our biggest problem is that it is a third-payer-system. If we can transform it into a direct payer system the cost of healthcare overall will go down. Her’s how it can be done:


    Comment by draykhman | 3 November 2012 | Reply

  2. Not bad Josep. Hope that you are wrong!


    Comment by James | 6 November 2012 | Reply

  3. USA: dimecres sortirem de dubtes…el Guardian: “Given the hours of coverage and the billions of dollars devoted to the election, it’s stunning how few of the nation’s most glaring problems are being discussed. The US now has more people in its penal system than the Soviet gulag at its height; its capital city has a male life expectancy lower than that of the Gaza Strip; and the country openly operates a system of torture and a policy of targeted assassination. The fact that nobody even expects these issues to come up tells you something about the low expectations Americans have of their politicians.” Molt fort, no?


    Comment by Guillem | 6 November 2012 | Reply

  4. Wrong again. Perhaps now you will finally stop commenting on other people’s politics. It seems your own country is in enough hot water on its own.

    Note from the editor: I was not wrong -the article was not mine and I published it because it had an interesting and still valid analysis. I write or publish by others every other article on Spanish politics and I think I also have a right to comment on American politics from time to time like NYT does on Catalan politics. You get what you vote for, in Spain and America.


    Comment by Sam | 8 November 2012 | Reply

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