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Romney Lost to Obama by 0.3%/ROMNEY VA PERDRE AMB OBAMA PER 0,3%

Romney Lost to Obama by 0.3%

After winning decisively the first debate Romney believed he could spend a month looking ”presidential.” Unfortunately superstorm Sandy allowed Obama to look “presidential” too. Why have two presidents? Below: Romney’s last campaign stop Philadelphia: Romney won most arguments and demographics but lost the war.


Romney lost by 3 million votes to Obama, out of 120 million cast, or 2.5%. Not a landslide for Obama by any means. Just 334,000 more votes, or 0.3%, in four states and Romney would be President.


The electoral college count gave Obama a wide 332 to 206 margin over Romney. 270 electoral college votes are needed to win the presidency but:

Romney lost New Hampshire’s 4 electoral college votes by 40,659 votes.

Romney lost Florida’s 29 electoral college votes by 73,858 votes.

Romney lost Ohio’s 18 electoral college votes by 103,481 votes

Romney lost Virginia’s 13 electoral college votes by 115,910 votes.

Add these 64 electoral college votes to Romney’s 206 and remove them from Obama’s 332, and Romney defeats Obama 270 to 268. Overall Obama won almost 8 million fewer votes than in 2008. Romney improved over McCain slightly in three of these four states, but in Ohio he had 81,000 fewer votes than McCain. While Obama lost more support, he started with more, and he was able to hang on enough to overcome Romney inability to keep and expand his base. The Romney campaign lost focus on the four key states that mattered by diverting time and resources to states that didn’t matter. His last campaign event took place in Pennsylvania, where he didn’t have a chance, and Romney had no election day campaign stops in Virginia or Florida. An even more critical error was diverting resources from Virginia, Florida, New Hampshire and Ohio to “expand the map” and buy expensive ads Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Pennsylvania.

(“333,000 Votes in 4 Swing States Would Have Given Romney the Presidency,” by Michael Patrick Leahy)


Romney va perdre amb Obama per 0,3%


L’últim míting electoral de Romney a Filadèlfia: Romney va guanyar la majoria dels arguments i grups demogràfics, però perdria la guerra. Primera foto: Després de guanyar clarament el primer debat, Romney es va creure que podria passar tot un mes semblant ”presidencial.” Desgraciadament la supertormenta Sandy va permetre a Obama també semblar “presidencial.” Per què tenir dos presidents?


Romney va perdre per 3 milions de vots amb Obama, de 120 milions emesos, o 2,5%. Cap victòria enlluernadora d’Obama. Només 334.000 més vots, o 0,3%, en quatre estats i Romney seria president.


El resultat del col.legi electoral dona a Obama un ample marge de 332 a 206 sobre Romney. Calen 270 vots del col.legi electoral per a guanyar la presidència, però:

Romney va perdre els 4 vots electorals de New Hampshire per 40.659 vots.

Romney va perdre els 29 vots electorals de Florida per 73.858 vots.

Romney va perdre els 18 vots electorals d’Ohio per 103.481 vots.

Romney va perdre els 13 vots electorals de Virgínia per 115.910 vots.

Afegint aquests 64 vots del col.legi electoral als 206 de Romney i treient-los dels 332 d’Obama, Romney supera Obama 270 a 268. Obama ha guanyat perdent un total de gairebé 8 milions vots comparat amb 2008. Romney milloraria lleugerament els resultats de McCain en tres d’aquests quatre estats, però a Ohio obtenia 81.000 vots menys que McCain. Mentre que Obama perd més vots, en tenia més per perdre i ha estat capaç de mantenir-ne els suficients per superar la incapacitat de Romney de mantenir i expandir la seva base. La campanya de Romney va perdre l’enfoc en els quatre estats clau que importaven, mentre perdia el temps i recursos en estats que no tenien importància. El seu últim acte electoral va tenir lloc a Pennsilvània, on no tenia cap possibilitat, mentre Romney no feia cap acte el darrer dia a Virgínia o Florida. Un error encara més crític va ser desviar recursos de Virgínia, Florida, New Hampshire i Ohio per a “ampliar el mapa,” comprar anuncis cars a Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa i Pennsilvània.

(“333,000 Votes in 4 Swing States Would Have Given Romney the Presidency,” per Michael Patrick Leahy)


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