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78% Catalan Vote for Referendum/78% DELS CATALANS VOTEN REFERÈNDUM

78% Catalan Vote for Referendum

by Josep C. Verges

My grandson Jaikel Davidson takes a Catalan vote for his future in freedom. Below: Former president Pujol (left) looks to the distance for his lost PP allies while President Mas, next to his wife, turns left for his new allies.


Madrid is foolishly happy that the main independence party, CiU, lost 80,000 votes and 12 seats, but the harsh truth is that pro-union parties are stuck at 37% of the vote while 63% vote separatist. Parties supporting a referendum (not all pro-independence, but all pro-democracy) won an astonishing 78% of the vote. In other words 78% of Catalans want a vote for independence and only 22% defend the Spanish status quo. The parties in Parliament:


50 seats: CiU, governing alone in a minority government with outside support by the PP, lost 9% of their vote and can no longer govern with the PP.

21 seats: Esquerra has recovered from its disastrous three party coalition with socialists and communists. The pro-independence party are now the second party in Catalonia, dwarfed by CiU which has two third more seats. Esquerra will be wary of entering a formal coalition with CiU. Once bitten twice shy.

20 seats: The former all-powerful socialists who controlled all Catalonia have seen their vote halved in less than a decade, incapable of providing a solution to the Catalan, and Spanish Questions.

19 seats: The PP with an absolute majority in Madrid once again has come fourth in Catalonia with 14% of the vote, unchanged from a decade ago when they were last in power in Madrid. The PP is left with a difficult ally, Ciutadans and a combined rump total of 28 MPs rejecting a referendum out of 135 in Parliament while 107 MPs want a vote in independence.

13 seats: The communists are also stuck on 10% but have been able to detach themselves from the Madrid death grip because Spanish communists are so weak and so have not suffered the socialist contradictions.

9 seats: Ciutadans is a clownish pro-Spanish party run by a nudist. They were rejected by the UPyD, the Madrid third party that wants to liquidate autonomy and Catalan. The UpyD got just 14,552 votes out of 3.5 million cast.

3 seats: CUP is a Marxist-Leninist movement modelled on the Basque Herri Batasuna. This is their first campaign and they won three seats.

135 seats: The Catalan Parliament has seen the number of parties represented grow from 5 to 7. Like Switzerland power is increasingly held by smaller parties who govern in coalition and caudillos are punished. Jordi Pujol was the last Spanish-style caudillo in Catalonia. The mistake by Mas was to play Moses towards the Promised Land. Catalans, like the Swiss, don’t want Führers, another sign of how far removed they are from Spain already where two party rule –PP or PSOE- is the sole norm. In Catalonia the alphabet soup has now seven names but don’t be confused about the message: 78% of Catalans want a vote for independence.


78% dels catalans voten referèndum

per Josep C. Vergés

L’expresident Pujol mira a la llunyania buscant els seus perduts aliats del PP mentre el president Mas, al costat de la seva dona, gira a l’esquerra per als seus nous aliats. Primera foto: El meu nét Jaikel Davidson porta un vot català per al seu futur en llibertat.


Madrid està tontament il.lusionada perquè el principal partit independentista, CiU, ha perdut 80.000 vots i 12 escons, però la dura realitat és que els partits unionistes estan bloquejats al 37% del vot contra 63% separatista. Els partits recolzant un referèndum (no tots independentistes, però tots pro-democràcia) han guanyat un sorprenent 78% dels vots. En altres paraules, el 78% dels catalans vol un vot per la independència i només el 22% defensa l’statu quo espanyol. Els partits al Parlament:


50 escons: CiU, que governava sola en un govern minoritari amb suport extern del PP, ha perdut 9% del seu vot i ja no pot governar amb el PP.

21 escons: Esquerra s’ha recuperat del desastrós Tripartit amb socialistes i comunistes. Els proindependentistes de sempre ara són el segon partit de Catalunya, empetitits per CiU que dos terços més diputats. Esquerra es cuidarà d’entrar en una coalició formal amb CiU. Millor no topar amb la mateixa pedra de nou.

20 escons: Ela abans totpoderosos socialistes que manaven a tot Catalunya han vist el seu vot caure a la meitat en menys d’una dècada, incapaços de donar solucions a les Questions Catalana, i Espanyola.

19 escons: El PP de majoria absoluta a Madrid de nou ha quedat quart a Catalunya amb 14% del vot, sense progressar en una dècada, des que tenien abans el poder absolut a Madrid. El PP s’ha quedat amb un aliat problemàtic, Ciutadans i una resta total combinada de 28 diputats en contra del referèndum sobre 135 del Parlament mentre 107 diputats volen un vot per la independència.

13 escons: Els comunistes també es troben enganxats al 10% però han pogut distanciar-se del garrotillo madrileny, perquè els comunistes espanyols estan molt debilitats i així han evitat les contradiccions del PSC.

9 escons: Ciutadans és un partit de pallassos espanyolistes liderats per un nudista. UPyD, el tercer partit de Madrid que vol liquidar l’autonomia i el català no volia saber res d’ells. UpyD ha tret només 14.552 de 3,5 milions emesos.

3 escons: CUP és un moviment marxista-leninista modelat en l’Herri Batasuna basca. A la seva primera campanya han obtingut tres diputats.

135 escons: El Parlament de Catalunya ha experimentat un creixement de 5 a 7 partits. Igual que Suissa el poder creixentment està en mans dels partits petits que governen en coalicions i els caudillos són apartats. Jordi Pujol ha esta el darrer caudillo estil espanyol de Catalunya. L’error de Mas ha estat voler fer de Moisès cap a la Terra Promesa. Catalans, i suissos, no volen Führers, una altra mostra de la distància abismal ja ens trobem d’Espanya on manen exclusivament dos partits –PP o PSOE. La sopa de lletres a Catalunya ara té set noms, però que ningú es confongui del misssatge: el 78% dels catalans vol un vot per la independència.


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  1. I thought I might be fighting with you about your election result articles but I’m not. Your article is mainly factual and I accept that any reasonable person would accept that one should ask the residents of catalonia (not the Catalans) whether or not they’d like to break away from Spain (with all its consequences !). Unfortunately so many catalans are not reasonable people : if the result of the vote in a referendum was to stay united with Spain the independentists would simply not accept the result and would restart their marketing programme to call for a referendum (whereas if the vote went in their favour they would demand that it be binding). Indeed the whole movement is a bit like a religion ; maybe one should carve out a piece of land for these fundamentalists to live and worship the great God Catalonia. (Obviously that piece of land ought not to be greater Barelona – of the 19 electoral districts in urban barcelona 12 were won by PSC with CiU winning only 6 and ERC 1. Part of Lleida maybe ?).

    Note from the editor:
    It’s easy, become a local citizen and you can vote the same as in England! A referendum can go either way as the Swiss, who have referendums every term, will tell you. That is the nature of democracy. Mas thought he would win and lost, but the Catalans made very clear they want a referendum, only not with him as leader alone.


    Comment by Roy | 26 November 2012 | Reply

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