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Thatcher on Catalonia

Streep Thatcher_html_mb64a9be

The eyes have it: Meryl Streep (left) as Thatcher (always right). Below: Thatcher in the Falklands after handbagging the Argentinian military dictatorship.

The Falklands War papers have been released. Time to recall what leaders then thought of Margaret Thatcher, what Thatcher thought of her prospects and what Thatcher, now silent, would say to undemocratic Spain about Catalan freedom.

Thatcher before Thatcher (1973): “I don’t think there will be a woman Prime Minister in my lifetime.”

President Ronald Reagan (USA): “The best man in England.”

President Mikail Gorbachov (USSR): “I know you are a strong woman. The most important thing I have to tell you is that I do not have instructions from the politburo to invite you to join the Communist Party.”

Chancellor Helmut Kohl (Germany): “I fear her as the devil holy water.”

President François Mitterrand (France): “She has the lips of Marilyn Monroe and the eyes of Caligula.”

Thatcher after Thatcher (To Spain about Catalans): “Constitutions have to be written on hearts, not just on paper.”

Thatcher sobre Catalunya

Thatcher faklklands_html_m44d857d8

Thatcher a les illes Falklands després d’apallissar amb la bossa la dictadura militar argentina. Primera foto: Els ulls no enganyen: Meryl Streep (esquerra) com a Thatcher (sempre a la dreta).

Els papers de la guerra de les illes Falkland han estat publicats. Bon moment per recordar què pensaven els líders d’aquell temps sobre Margaret Thatcher, què pensava Thatcher sobre les seves possibilitats i què diria Thatcher, avui silenciada, sobre l’Espanya antidemòcrata contra la llibertat catalana.

Thatcher abans de Thatcher (1973): “Jo no crec que veuré en vida una dona com a primera ministra.”

President Ronald Reagan (USA): “El millor home d’Anglaterra.”

President Mikail Gorbachov (URSS): “Ja sé que és una dona forta. La cosa més important que li he de dir és que no tinc instruccions del politburó per invitar-la a fer-se membre del partit comunista.”

Canceller Helmut Kohl (Alemanya): “La temo com el dimoni l’aigua beneïda.”

President François Mitterrand (França): “Té els llavis de Marilyn Monroe i els ulls de Calígula.”

Thatcher després de Thatcher (a Espanya sobre els catalans): “Les constitucions s’han d’haver escrit sobre els cors i no només sobre el paper.”

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  1. I wish you’d stop using words like “undemocratic Spain” and “Catalan freedom” : I would say that Spain is more democratic than most countries in Europe and Catalonia has a lot more freedom than most communities which form states in Europe. I’d like to believe a little bit more in what you write.

    Note from the editor: Not allowing a referendum is not democratic. The English are democratic with Scotland where far fewer voted for a referendum. Catalans would then be free to choose whether they want to be part of Spain or not. That is what freedom means.


    Comment by Roy | 29 December 2012 | Reply

  2. La darrera cita de Thatcher s’adiu amb les velles i sàvies Constitucions de Catalunya. Si el nostre poble no les hagués dutes al cor la defensa de Barcelona sola contra els exèrcits de Lluis XIV i Felip V no hagués durat més d’un any, ni la reivindicació hagués perdurat després i fins ara.


    Comment by Eduard Cardona | 31 December 2012 | Reply

  3. I disagree. Democracy only works if you follow the rules (whether you like the rules or not). Some Catalan political parties are rejecting the rules (and indeed the spirit of democracy). If you think the rules are outdated or inacceptable for any reason, what you have to do in a democracy is persuade a majority of those responsible for the rules to vote for a change in the rules. That is what democracy is – you convince people to vote for you. If you’re unable to do that and choose not to accept the rules then you’re UNDEMOCRATIC !! It’s Catalonia which is undemocratic not the national (state) government ! You understand, I hope, that this is one of the reasons I’m vigorously opposed to the path Artur Mas is leading Catalonia. My other reasons are that I believe in integrating, understanding, respecting and indeed learning from other cultures (rather than separating my culture from the rest) ; I believe in creating wealth so that the world has the opportunity to live better (rather than making Catalonia and the rest of Spain poorer) ; I also reject racism (rather than basing my sentiments and thinking on a race, catalans) ; I also reject imperialism (rather than claiming that a bit of France, a bit of Italy, the community of Valencia and the Balearic Islands “belong to” Catalonia). The movement for the seperation of Catalonia from the rest of Spain is, in my opinion, outdated and unhealthy.

    Note from the editor: What rules? Any rules for the English (note capitalisation in English unlike Spanish)? The only Catalan ruler ever was Prim in 1860 who was murdered after three years for modernising Spain by establishing free commerce and free schools. Catalans have always followed the rule book as they do now. The last time three years ago they voted the new Statute in Parliament, in the Spanish Congress and in a referendum, only to be dismembered by Spanish undemocrats. Anyway I’m glad you are willing to listen to arguments.


    Comment by Roy | 31 December 2012 | Reply

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