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BA Forced to Buy Vueling to Stop Iberia Collapse

Vueling_html_m4ea4a229Vueling wings over Barcelona: BA bought the wrong airline, Iberia, and has now been forced to buy out Catalan Vueling to prevent the loss of its investment. Below: Pedro Almodovar’s “Los amantes pasajeros”: BA controlled IAG has taken over Vueling in a desperate attempt to prevent the collapse of Iberia.


Madrid and Iberia are in a state of collapse. The centralist airport is the biggest loser in Europe, followed by bankrupt Athens, while Franco’s airline, bought by English carrier BA’s IAG, has lost 28% of flights just this year. BA has been forced to buy out Iberia’s Catalan competitor Vueling, one of Europe’s fastest growing airlines, already twice the size of Iberia, to prevent the absolute collapse of Iberia. Vueling has forced a stiff price and in revenge IAG has fired the entire Vueling board after completing the takeover.

Europe’s biggest losers: Airports:

1. Madrid -11%

2. Athens -7%

3. Milan -7%

4. London Stansted -7%

5. London Luton -6%

Europe’s biggest losers: Airlines:

1. Iberia -28%

2. Olympic -22%

3. Air Nostrum (Iberia) -17%

4. Netjets -9%

5. Alitalia -8%

IAG Group in Europe:

7. BA 701 flights daily, 9% growth

12. Vueling 457 flights daily, 13% growth

25. Air Nostrum (Iberia), 225 flights daily, -17% less

26. Iberia, 224 flights daily, -28% less

Europe’s biggest airports in daily flights:

1. Paris CdG 704

2. Frankfurt 698

3. London Heathrow 669

4. Amsterdam 669

5. Istanbul 568

6. Munich 553

7. Madrid 488

8. Rome 478

9. Barcelona 453

10 London Gatwick 406

(Network Operations Report, Eurocontrol, July 2013)

BA forçada a comprar Vueling per evitar el col.apse d’Iberia

Almo_html_333d784e“Los amantes pasajeros” de Pedro Almodovar: IAG controlat per BA ha absorbit Vueling en un intent desesperat per evitar el col.lapse d’Iberia. Primera foto: Vueling sobrevola Barcelona: BA va comprar la aerolínia equivocada, Iberia, i ara es veu forçada a quedar-se amb la catalana Vueling per a no perdre la seva inversió.


Madrid i Iberia viuen un estat de col.lapse. L’aeroport centralista és el que més perd d’Europa, seguit de l’arruinada Atenes, mentre l’aerolínia de Franco, comprada per l’IAG del transportista anglès BA, ha perdut el 28% de vols només aquest any. BA s’ha vist forçada a quedar-se amb la competidora catalana d’Iberia, Vueling, una de les aerolínes que més creix d’Europam i que ja dobla Iberia, per evitar el col.lapse absolut d’Iberia. Vueling ha obtingut un preu tan elevat que en revenja IAG ha acomiadat tot el consell directiu de Vueling un cop aconseguida l’absorció.

Els aeroports més perdedors d’Europa:

1. Madrid -11%

2. Atenes -7%

3. Milà -7%

4. Londres Stansted -7%

5. Londres Luton -6%

Les aerolínies que més perden d’Europa:

1. Iberia -28%

2. Olympic -22%

3. Air Nostrum (Iberia) -17%

4. Netjets -9%

5. Alitalia -8%

El grup IAG a Europa:

7. BA 701 vols diaris, 9% creixement

12. Vueling 457 vols diaris, 13% creixement

25. Air Nostrum (Iberia), 225 vols diaris, -17% menys

26. Iberia, 224 vols diaris, -28% menys

Els aeroports més grans d’Europa en vols diaris:

1. París CdG 704

2. Frankfurt 698

3. Londres Heathrow 669

4. Amsterdam 669

5. Istambul 568

6. Munich 553

7. Madrid 488

8. Roma 478

9. Barcelona 453

10 Londres Gatwick 406

(Network Operations Report, Eurocontrol, July 2013)


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  1. I was very interested in your article, particularly as I had never heard of Vueling! It sounds as if IAG have bought into some of Catalonia’s talent and energy. There has been a discussion for at least 30 years within BA about whether the BA short-haul business model can ever make money, and this has obviously become even more relevant with the rise of the low cost carriers like Easy Jet and Ryan-Air. The argument used to be that loss making short-haul divisions fed higher profit long-haul operations which in turn resulted in higher Corporate wide profits than would have been the case without the short-haul feeder. It seemed to work with BA (and other big airlines in the EU, (LH, KLM/AF) because they were reasonably efficient. However Iberia sounds not to be in that league, the short-haul being disastrous and the long-haul poor. If this is the case and they amalgamate or eliminate the short-haul division then the acquisition of Vueling sounds sensible; I’d like to know where the new Board members came from before I felt happy at the wholesale sacking of the former Board. I know Willie Walsh is a hard nut but only time will reveal the wisdom of this clear out of previously successful executives, but he is certainly putting his money where his mouth is with the gigantic Airbus orders.


    Comment by Derek | 17 August 2013 | Reply

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