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Tourism Speaks Catalan/EL TURISME PARLA CATALÀ


Tourism Speaks Catalan

Eurovegas_html_df2b642cBankrupt Madrid: No Olympics for the third time, no Eurovegas, no tourism and a steeply declining airport. Below: Catalan success: Olympics in 1992, Barcelona World instead of Eurovegas, record tourism, No 1 airport in Spain.



More than half of the foreign tourists came to Catalan-speaking areas while Catalonia proper led with over one quarter of all foreign tourists in Spain. All Catalan speaking areas grew in tourism in 2013 while Madrid continued its steep decline. Soon only journalists on expense accounts will visit the capital of the empire where the sun has already set.



Foreign tourists:


Millions to November 2013. Difference from December 2012 (11 months)


Catalonia: 14.8 (3% growth)


Balearics: 11.0 (6% growth)


Valencia: 5.7 (27% growth)


Total Catalan-speaking: 31.5 (8% growth)



Madrid: 3.9 (-13% decline)


Canaries: 9.6 (-5% decline)


Andalusia 7.5 (-1% decline)


Rest of Spain: 5.0 (-4% decline)



Total Spain: 57.5 (0% growth)



Catalonia had four times as many tourists as Madrid. The fall in tourism in monolingual Spain was compensated by the growth in Catalan-speaking areas. Zero growth stagnation is misleading. Only Spanish-speaking Spain declined with centralist Madrid the worst performer while Catalan-speakers experienced a tourist boom fully recovered from the world and Spanish crises.



El turisme parla català


Bar World_html_caf9205dÈxit català: Olimpíades el 1992, Barcelona World en comptes d’Eurovegas, rècord de turisme, aeroport No 1 d’Espanya. Primera foto: Madrid en bancarrota: Cap Olimpíada per tercer cop, cap Eurovegas, cap turisme i un aeroport en fort retrocés.



Més de la meitat dels turistes estrangers van als Paisos Catalans mentre Catalunya pròpia lidera amb més d’una quarta part del turisme estranger d’Espanya. Tots els Paisos Catalans guanyaren turisme mentre Madrid continua el seu fort retrocés. Aviat només periodistes amb despeses pagades visitaran la capital de l’imperi on ja s’ha post el sol.



Turistes estrangers:


Milions a novembre 2013. Diferència amb desembre 2012 (11 mesos)



Catalunya: 14,8 (3% creixement)


Balears: 11,0 (6% creixement)


País Valencià: 5,7 (27% creixement)


Total Paisos Catalans: 31,5 (8% creixement)




Madrid: 3,9 (-13% retrocés)


Canàries: 9,6 (-5% retrocés)


Andalusia 7,5 (-1% retrocés)


Resta Espanya: 5,0 (-4% retrocés)



Total Espanya: 57,5 (0% creixement)



Catalunya té quatre vegades més turistes que Madrid. La caiguda del turisme a l’Espanya monolingue s’ha compensat amb el creixement dels Paisos Catalans. L’estancament a creixement zero no diu la veritat. Només l’Espanya de parla castellana ha perdut amb la centralista Madrid fent el pitjor resultat de tots mentre els Paisos Catalans han viscut un bum turístic plenament recuperats de les crisi mundial i espanyola.



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  1. No tourism ???? WRONG, and bad journalism – if you want to be believed and have credibility, Josep! I, with a more pronounced Catalan accent than Joan, have lived and worked in Madrid – and had a great time. It’s an interesting city for everyone, including Catalans. Be a bit more magnanimous, Josep. It’s easy. Bon Nadal,

    Note from the editor: Sorry, those are the numbers, with a failing economy and falling tourism in Madrid, four times less than in Catalonia. I have a great time in El Perelló with only 300 inhabitants and as many tourists, so having a great time has nothing to do with numbers. But you can’t run an empire, even a diminished one in the Peninsula telling others what to do, on a sinking ship. Where’s the bad journalism in a reality check? Happy Nadal,


    Comment by Brandon & Joan | 25 December 2013 | Reply

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