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Verges Report: Liberty and the pursuit of happiness/LLIBERTAT I CERCAR LA FELICITAT

Verges Report


Liberty and the pursuit of happiness/


600Happy New Year 2016!/

BON ANY 2016!


I went to the zoo some days ago
The sun shining, my heart aglow
At a cage I saw people in a group
I went there to take a closer look

‘Don’t feed’ a large sign said
‘Please don’t taunt it’s very unchecked!”
Grown ups and children stared stupidly

And a single guard very grim and dumbly

‘What’s the name of this animal?’ I asked

‘That’s Liberty’ he answered
‘Because in the world it’s so rare
we exhibit it for little money here’

I looked and said ‘Dear Sir truly

I see nothing, the cage is empty!’

‘That’s exactly the whole point

You lock it up and in a flash it’s gone’

Liberty is a wondrous beast
Some people fear the most
And try to put behind bars
When Liberty only in liberty lives


La llibertat

Fa uns dies vaig anar al zoo
El sol brillava escalfant-me el cor
Davant una gàbia veia gent en grup

M’acostava per a veure de prop

‘No alimentar’ deia un gran pòster

i ‘no provoqueu que pot descontrolar-se!’
Grans i petits miraven calladament

I un sol guarda seriós i molt fixament

‘Com es diu aquest animal?’ li preguntava

‘Aquesta és la Llibertat’ contestava
‘Es troba al món tan rarament

Que l’exhibim per poc pagament’

Mirava i li deia: ‘Senyor guarda

No veig res, la gàbia és buida!’

‘Exactament aquesta és la questió

La tanques i a l’instant fa l’evasió’

La Llibertat és un animal meravellós

Alguns homes li tenen tanta por

Que entre reixes l’han tancat

Quan la Llibertat només és la Llibertat en llibertat

Georg Danzer ‘Die Freiheit’


1 January 2016 - Posted by | Verges Report

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